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Welcome to the Dungeon of Dread

A decade ago members of a Pathfinder Society expedition discovered a vast, sunken graveyard while traversing the grasslands east of the Shattered Range. As they explored they soon found themselves in the dark halls of a massive complex, hiding all kinds of wonders and riches. Word of this place, this Rappan Athuk, soon spread to the Decemvirate and treaties were forged giving the Society complete reign over exploring Rappan Athuk. Groups of adventures, from all of the Society factions, rushed at the chance to become legends the bards would sing of for ages to come. However, most of the adventures who entered never returned. Those who managed to return to the surface were not the same as they had once been; once brave souls had become mad, hollow shells of their former selves.

Three years ago the Society relinquished control of the area as it had lost too many of its members to continue what many now considered a foolhardy endeavor. However, not all in Golarion had come to the same conclusion; As the factions pulled back their forces smaller, less savory groups, moved in to claim what the Society had forsaken. Once these groups had established a hold on the region droves of would-be adventurers made their way to the land shrouded in shadow by the mountains of the Shattered Range, seeking all manner of rewards.

On the anniversary marking the tenth year since the discovery of Rappan Athuk you find yourself as a passenger on a merchant keelboat, sailing up river to a place called Zelkor’s Ferry. It is in this small hamlet where you hope to be hired on as an explorer… and it is here where your adventure truly begins.

Home Page

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