Rappan Athuk

Nth Time's the Charm

Fred awoke to the alarm going off.

Met Mishra in the hallway on the way to the mess hall.

Met the PCs for the first time.

MCLS came in, threatened Newton who then left to await next to the black ob until the fight at high noon.

Before leaving for the dig, Mishra gestered for Fred to join him outside. As a token of good luck for his new mission, gave him a rather beaten but sharp short sword.

The high at high noon finally came, with Sir Newton losing in the fight against MCLS. During the fight Fred noticed a strange man among the crowd. Wearing a hat, a simple cloak, carrying a large sycthe.

Upon re-entering the Mouth of Doom Fred and the party, minus Kagar, ran into Inquisitor.

WHile the group was enjoying their lunch


Ombral_Mythika Ombral_Mythika

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