Kagar was born in Numeria to a fairly normal merchant family. He enjoyed studying, and as a boy managed to become an acolyte in a couple dozen different churches over the course of a few years. Generally, he would join, study for a few months(or weeks)(or days) and then quietly leave when asked questions like “where does your faith in Erastil come from?” or “are you seriously only interested in being a cleric of Irori to gain power and wealth?” Unable to bear being chained down by lesser minds, he began making his way in the world by standing in for appropriate clerics for a fee(when that wasn’t available he worked as a barrister). Along the way, he became curious about the nature of the gods, the soul, and the purpose of worship in general. He eventually quit working as a jobber cleric to begin pursuing his own research in countries with a proper regard to contract law, eventually being forced to hire a monk as protection from the criminal elements of society. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped by bandits and brought to their fortress, where he reunited with an acquaintance, Hope, and joined the Order of Shadows, seeing an opportunity to further his research.


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