Count Lothar Vulthuun




Twas a dark and stormy nigh
As lightning flashed over the foreboding visual of a briefly illuminated Castle Valthuun. Countess Ligeia lay dying, her squalling infant son Lothar Valthuun, recently removed from the vivisected woman. His father Count Gaspar Vulthuun looks on…

Many years later.

Never forgiven for killing his mother by accident of birth our hero Count Lothar Vulthuun is under voluntary exile from Castle Vulthuun until he can recover the fabled vampiric saber Teardrinker, for only once has he recovered it can he attempt to amass enough life force with in it to power the spell that would restore the soul and life force to his mother’s dessicated corpse, therefore finally winning him his father’s love.

Count Lothar Vulthuun

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